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BBC Radio Lincolnshire is the BBC regional station covering most of Lincolnshire. At the station, I have acted in multiple roles for half a dozen shows. 

I have had the privilege of being the sport Broadcast Assistant and building up my radio skill set since the beginning of the 2019/2020 football season.

My role for the football show, 'Hope and Glory', requires monitoring social media during matches, orchestrating guests, contacting listeners, editing together highlights packages and podcasts, and writing sports news bulletins. I have also enjoyed getting out of the studio to give live updates on air from a football ground. I have also presented a slot on the sports show.

Outside of Saturdays, I Produce the Evening Show and I have complete control of content, format and timings for the 4 hour shows. I have also acted as a Producer and BA for other shifts, such as Friday Night Takeover - a show for younger audiences. This show allowed me to get some co-presenting experience as well as help plan/produce shows and conduct interviews.

I have had the chance to act as Producer for the Afternoon show and been BA for Weekend Breakfast - reading the sports news at 0630 was not my strongest moment!

I can also 'drive' a show for a presenter doing an OB.

On this page is some of my work. In clip One 'Afternoons', I discuss Lincoln City Women with the presenter and introduce a quiz guest. This was during the summer of 2020, when we ran a sports show without there being any live sports.  

Clip Two 'The Friday Night Takeover' was the first time I was live on air. Finally, Clip Three 'Evenings' was a self-contained item I produced for a 'This is Your Life' segment.